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Title: Unknown"Rather Be" Cover
Artist: UnknownR5
Album: Unknown
Played: 970

R5 covers “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit ➜ rydel

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Anonymous: "what are your feelings/thoughts of rydel? im curious since youre basically known for being the number 1 rydel girl"


being known as that makes me really happy *dreamy sighs* anyways let me break it down for you not really its just gonna be a big paragraph or 10 trying to convey something into words that can never be put into words

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rydel solos + duets

R5 | Fresno, CA 10/11/14

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rydel meet and greet Fresno, CA 10/11/14

None of us could play yet, we could kinda bang on the drums, but that’s about  it….

rydel in R5 - Becoming